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Crystal Park    29×36  Watercolor, Rice Paper

Checkmate    24×24    Watercolor

Seasoned      20×22    Watercolor

Eastern Sunrise    24×36    Mixed media on canvas

A Fall Evening      19×14      Watercolor

Mango Time!    12×16    Mixed Media

The Old City    20×25    Watercolor, Foil, Gel

Leaves from the Sky  30×22  Watercolor

Bananas    14×20  Mixed media

An Evening Toast    24×18  Watercolor, Wax, Ink

An Afternoon Toast    24×17    Watercolor, Wax, Ink

Autumn Leaves  14×10    Watercolor

A Morning Toast    23×18    Watercolor, Wax, Ink

Point Lobos  34×27  Watercolor

A Spiritual Retreat    18×24    Mixed Media

A Vacation in the Forest  21×29  Watercolor, Rice Paper

A Vacation in the Mountains  25×20  Mixed media, Print

Meet Ya By the Lamppost  37×30    Mixed Media

Night Flower  21×17  Watercolor

Twilight in the Garden  15×12  Watercolor

Evening Hibiscus    17×23    Watercolor

Evening in the Garden  22×17  Watercolor

Autumn Loves  21×27  Watercolor, Ink

October    21×26  Watercolor, Ink

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