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About the Artist

Born in Los Angeles
Arizona State University, B.A.
Cal State Northridge, M.A.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Member:  Artist Co-op 7, Glass Alliance of Los Angeles,
Fellows of Contemporary Art, MOCA Projects Council

“Art to me is not just a vehicle for beauty, but also fills me with a sense of excitement and wonder when I discover new and challenging possibilities.   As a painter, ceramicist, crocheter and tablemaker, I have been interested in art since an early age growing up watching my grandmother crochet doilies, my mother write poetry and my father design and manufacture furniture.  Yet I discovered the artist in myself in mid-life.

I am drawn toward learning new techniques as well as using a wide variety of art media.  After extensive travel and experimentation, I have grown to appreciate and learn diverse art styles and perspectives.  I have developed a strong passion for painting, particularly in watercolor and acrylics.  Incorporating salt, alcohol, rice or tissue paper adds variety to my technique.  I love to travel and explore the world through art — whether it be through seeing the art of other cultures or experimenting with new techniques on my own.”

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